Strength to be the best

Surviving in the market is all about being in the lead
We are constantly hunting for the very best and efficient solution,
providing fresh thinking into the insurance-community.
This makes Vitec WIMS your best partner - for you to win in a rough climate.

Weighty experience

We can show forth unique expertise and significant experience from developing software of critical importance for operation by using modern technology as intended.


The credibility of safe and long-term software operation has more crucial aspects than can be disclosed in the accountings.

Up-to-date systems

Having 17 employees at our disposal undertaking the design work, we have created a completely up-to-date insurance system based on the latest Microsoft technology.

Best solutions
for the insurance business

WIMS is an up-to-date professional system, data warehouse and portal for the insurance enterprise. It is a solution that coordinates insurance products to enhance competitiveness and targeting.

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Some selected customers

Vitec WIMS has many customers and they differ a lot.
None of our customers use WIMS in the exactly same way.

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