Insurance advice

The insurance industry has been dominated by a few large actors. This has given rise to “intermediaries” adding little to the value chain. This traditional structure falls short of the new world of social networks and self-served solutions. WIMS is a facilitator of this development.


Our customers know the requirements of their own customers. Their advantage in competition lies in developing insurance deals that are tailor made for their niche in the market. WIMS makes its customers capable of being winners.


Getting from a business idea to profitable operation is a risky road for all insurance enterprises. The key ingredient for success is how the system supports configuration and flexibility in a comprehensive way. WIMS accelerates the process of realisation of good ideas.


We assist our customers using WIMS in best practices. We take it even further bye helping our customers develop their enterprise by participating constructively in discussions on interaction, product concepts, market segments and sales channels.

Technical service

A variety of customers have since 2002 contributed to build WIMS expertise of how the technology should be used according to intensions. This knowledge governs the life cycle and capacity of the WIMS application. We are happy to share our competence with our customers.