In 1947 the Muskoxen were reintroduced to Dovre

This “impelementation” was risky because the decisive facts were based on bones from the ice age. 11700 years after this very specialised species, the Muskoxen, were extinct, the introduction of this animal to Dovre, in coexistence with trains and cars, equals a shift in paradigm.

Paradigm Shift

The actors in the insurance business are in the same situation as the Muskoxen. The changes in the insurance business are a paradigm shift implying new conditions. The challenge consists in making use of old, vital experience, and at the same time exploit the opportunities introduced by these new conditions.


The implementation of a brand new system solution is highly critical for the total investment. The technical part is usually less risky because the technical expertise is often reused. The implementation of new operation critical tools for different users within an organisation is a far more complex challenge. Thus, the paradigm shift in the business provokes a change in work processes as a result of new business opportunities and tighter collaborative models. The objective for the investment of new modern system solutions can only be obtained by a closer cooperation between the customer’s management, the project participants and the supplier. WIMS meets the requirements of this kind of cooperation.

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