No customers are identical, but they all use the same system solution.

This calls for cooperation and customisation. Due to the flexibility in WIMS, this may be solved by configuration. The architecture is wisely designed to prepare for all kinds of customisations. Correct customisation becomes crucial.

An hour is not one hour

The distinctiveness of our customers is our opportunity for expansion. We are constantly searching for ways to generalise the requirements of customisation for our customers. All the customisation done as an expansion of our standard WIMS is really a win-win situation. The customer gets the benefit of hours free of charge and WIMS gets to take the development of the system even further.

In the long run the results provide the customer with functional and customised systems supporting the individual customer’s business goals providing cost efficient management. The quality of our processes and customisation routines for new versions of WIMS are improving as the proportion of standardised system solutions at our customers’ is growing.

Per-Gunnar Swahn
CEO+47 900 78 027