Technical service

Technical service and innovation

Our technical expertise is a safeguard for our customers that technology is used as intended. We have the will and the skill to “pave the way” in a technical landscape, even if new challenges are not directly connected to the development of WIMS. As a result, we use our unique technical resources to solve new problems before our customers actually need it; because we need that our customers remain winners.

Technical service and problem solving

Server instances, user configuration linked to safety policy and firewall setup are cryptic issues for most people. The technology gives many probabilities of slow response time, or worst case, full stop in operations. WIMS employs experts in technical problems, supplemented by able partners on every field. Our customers can lean back knowing they have a partner that is able to solve complex technical problems whenever needed.

Technical service and bridge-building

There are no users of system solutions within the insurance business who can manage with just one supplier. Many suppliers fragmentise the liability and make the problem solving complicated. Our technical services need to have adequate knowledge of the connected system solutions to be able to overlap the expertise of authorities of vehicle registration, certified external authentication/authorisation,  natural disaster compensation systems, D&B, FSA etc., so that our customers experience safe and good access to technical support worldwide.

Per-Gunnar Swahn
CEO+47 900 78 027