WIMS Business Intelligence

WIMS integrated Business Intelligence is a completely independent solution taking coverage analysis and intelligent reporting with drilldown back in as an integrated unit of the professional system.

All data are accessible according to a more rational business structure - data warehouse. This is a unique design where the functionality in BI is brought into the user interface of the professional system. Although being two completely different databases, they use the same platform. This enables the users to undertake advanced analytical processing and reporting from the professional system and the data warehouse on the same screenshot, giving the impression that this is one single system. WIMS facilitates self-serviced business analysis. In addition, it is possible to manage access to information for each individual user, deciding if the user will use fixed reports or have access to the entire database for analytical processing or just to restricted sections.   

The solution is based on a completely new reporting platform collecting key data from a well-designed professional database. On top of the reporting platform, cubes are designed for management information for the insurance business exclusively. The cubes are standardised and may be accessed with new BI tools, which may be added to the client in the professional system. The cubes are also accessible from Excel or similar modern pivoting tools.

WIMS professional system supports simple and dynamic reporting designed for the individual user, whether presented as a table or graphically or as fixed reports saved for files. WIMS BI is expanding this flexibility profoundly. The reporting platforms as well as the cubes may be further expanded and tailored to the individual customer.