WIMS Enterprise Suite (ES)

WIMS ES - a solution for arranging different insurance services to enhance targeting and competitiveness.

WIMS is the most modern expert system in the market for administration, production, distribution and analysing of insurance agreements, reinsurances and claims handling. WIMS is a brand new solution designed for integration of business processes in a unique way.

WIMS ES is an extensive solution for insurance management including everything from user-controlled definition of products and coverage to reporting automatically to the natural disaster pool.  WIMS is available to insurance companies, agents, organisations and brokers as well as claims partners.

The insurance system consists of modules, which facilitates the customisation to different markets. The configuration of the system is flexible towards local demands.

WIMS ES is closely integrated with MS Office, which makes it easier for the users to recognise. WIMS is the only professional insurance system certified by Microsoft.

WIMS ES is a standard product where all customers use the same software. WIMS has a user-driven developing process where the user forum plays an important part.

In WIMS the customers are able to manage an unlimited number of distribution channels in one single insurance solution. WIMS was the first insurance system on the market with full support for Multiple Channel Targeting.

Asgeir Østerhus
Produktansvarlig WIMS ES+47 93 44 86 83