Agent / Multiagent

Whoever owns the customer, owns the business.

The insurance agency has been the priority in the development of WIMS from day one. It enables our customers to run up-to-date agencies, which requires a minimum of resources. WIMS is designed for ”whoever owns the customer, owns the business”.

Agent activities are increasingly influenced by national and international requirements given by the insurance companies. Requirements on documentation of methods and control are transferred from the insurance companies and are being considerably sharpened. WIMS is designed to give special support to agents in handling these requirements.

Staying close to the customers reduces the risks for the agents. The agents’ service and customer care must be integrated with the customers’ systems. This requires a modern platform technology and a standardised interface. The characteristics needed to obtain these good strategies towards the customers are found within WIMS.

The portfolios of the agents are being reduced in number and more distinguished. The import of new portfolios must be efficient. The pressure on expenses calls for handling small portfolios at the lowest cost possible, which is crucial to remain in business. Electronic distribution and automation are distinguishing features in WIMS.

Per-Gunnar Swahn
CEO+47 900 78 027