Claim handlers

Self-service, digitalising and prevention of damage

WIMS has prepared for the digitalisation of claim handling. Increasing the use of self-service makes the claim handlers in WIMS check and correct rather than record claims.

The reduction of tasks per claim requires an increased number of tasks. The architecture in WIMS has a basic design for handling an unlimited number of claim clients. Recordings, statistics and provisions can be analysed per client or across a selected group of clients.

Rapidity in claims response reduces the compensations. That is why WIMS has developed powerful features for event-driven customer care during the claim handling. Under ”My tasks” the claims handler gets an overview of essential activities on his claims regardless of any claims clients.

WIMS allows customers to report all information concerning claims digitally. All correspondence concerning a claim is grouped and WIMS is fully integrated with the leading office tools in the market. 

Per-Gunnar Swahn
CEO+47 900 78 027