Measurable member benefits

WIMS is particularly attractive for organisations, as they resemble insurance agents. In short time, WIMS has become the market’s leading supplier of efficient insurance solutions for member organisations. WIMS gives the possibility of offering better benefits to members combined with increased income for the operations of the organisation. 

The skill to manage the insurance of the members of an organisation varies a lot. WIMS facilitates the use of partners in areas outside the competence held by the organisation itself. It is important in WIMS that the customers experience a good and comprehensive management.

The best asset of the organisation is to avoid losing control over its membership database to brokers or insurance companies, which implies that the organisation already is in control. WIMS has made it simple for the organisation to use several carriers to secure a complete survey of the portfolio.

The organisation depends on the contentment of the members. Good quality and competitive prices are essential membership benefits. Self-service may generate situations, which need to be dealt with outside opening hours. In WIMS cases like these are accumulated in ”my tasks” for the administrator responsible of the actual case.

Per-Gunnar Swahn
CEO+47 900 78 027