Securing values by distribution of risk

WIMS has given special attention to the area called Captive, which is designed particularly to secure self-insurers legitimate and efficient management with few resources.

WIMS has a well-designed integration to different Captive partners for managing claims, accounting, reinsurance and coinsurance, which gives effective cooperation and a good flow and quality of data.

The requirements from national and international supervisors are also considerably sharpened for Captive. Captive is characterized by the managing of large values and few resources. That is why WIMS has put Captive in firm control of insurances, conditions and risk exposure.

Data collection from surveyors and internal co-workers with automated reporting to the natural disaster pool are functionalities in WIMS designed to make the daily work for a Captive organisation more streamlined.

WIMS offers powerful support for risk management, safeguarding the imposed reporting to partners and supervisors. WIMS also holds good support for the implementation of the imposed Captive routines, recording that the imposed work processes are actually done.

Per-Gunnar Swahn
CEO+47 900 78 027