System support for automated work processes

Vitec WIMS focuses on insurance only. Therefore, we are able to monitor and give support whatever changes are imposed on the insurance business. Furthermore, this dedicated focus enables us to prioritise the demands generated from the next generation of insurance solutions and products.

The conditions for the insurance companies are changing rapidly. The requirements from national and international supervisors are sharpened significantly and the establishment of large international companies escalates within national markets.

The distribution is being routed through new channels and partners. Usually the brand of the channel is used rather than the brand of the provider. Consequently, new insurance strategies need to be supported by new technology.

Time-to-market is crucial for new products to compete in the business. Competition puts pressure on cost reduction. The work processes need optimising and the operating expenses must be reduced. Facilitation for self-service becomes critical for the business.

Per-Gunnar Swahn
CEO+47 900 78 027